CitroŽn Crash Test
this page shows you the worldfamous CITROËN TRACTION AVANT when tested on safety!
Traction Avant CRASH TEST 1934

front  impact rating 
not realy measured by NCAP at that time, but it gets 5 stars from me!
The best Citroën magazine in the world CITROExpert (we feel sorry for the people that don't speak and cannot read the Dutch language) had an article (nov/dec 2003) about the crashtest that was made in june 1934 by Citroën with the Traction Avant in comparison with some other cars. These pictures appeared already earlier in Traksjon (TA club NL) and other magazines.
The test was made to prove that the "Monocoque" construction was much better than the oldfashioned cars from the other carbuilders in that time. A 7CV Traction Avant was driven at 30 kms/h from a hill with a heightdifference of 8 metres!

The picture above shows the used Traction exhibeted in front of the affiche that shows the fall that the Traction made from the hill. Because the Traction bumped from its nose to the top of the back and then came onto the ground on its 4 wheels there is not much damage to see on other points. After the jump the doors could be opened normal! During the jumpe the Traction was photographed from different angles by a number of photographs.

The "Monocoque" construction of the Traction Avant 7CV

The booklet that was edited later for promotion.
In the booklet there were also photos of the same test with other cars: Peugeot, Mathis and Renault which all crashed into many pieces and did not resemble much of a car after the crash!

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CitroŽn Crash Test