CitroŽn Crash Test
this page shows you the worldfamous CITROËN 2CV when tested on safety!
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crashtestmovie, probably from 28-4-1960, a 2CV driving with 45 km/h to a wall
2CV crash test  avi  874 kB (Windows Media Player) 
auto motor & sport2CV crashtest
from the seventies in Germany
7 crash tested cars
they compared the 2CV with other cars, from top to bottom:
Renault 4, VW Beelte, VW Polo, 2CV, Renault 5,  Fiat 127 and Fiat 126

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Crash speed 40,1 km/h. Notice that although the front end deforms badly, the rest including the passenger area deforms very little. The only visible deformation on the body is near the top of the windscreen. The side window stays open during the crash! 

for more information:

  • sequence of crash pictures
  • the figures of all cars
  • detail pictures
see Cats-Citroën Net

an image was made from this crash-test in France: Christian Bosch
crashed 2CV
crash in the movies

the Franch film "Le Corniaud" with Louis de Funes

E - La C@pota - Radikal 2CV Van - how a racing 2CV AZU 250 crashes

NL - Anti Crash and Anti Abandon Campaign - Daniël Zuidema

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CitroŽn Crash Test